Health Benefits of Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is a habit which comes naturally to people. But, this type of sleeping posture also raises a few concerns that are associated with the health of the user. A lot of people develop some muscular pain issues and joint stress just because they are using ordinary standard mattresses for their side sleeping. If the issue prolongs and you are still reluctant to buy a different mattress, then things can get further complicated. There are plenty of the best mattresses for side sleepers and the memory foam mattress type is considered as the best of the best option for the side sleepers. The memory foam holds a lot of other health issues as well, which we will explore in the next section.

Health benefits of using a memory foam base:

The following is a list of the top health benefits associated with the memory foam mattresses:

  • The major component used for the manufacturing of the memory foam is the temperature sensitive material. This special and useful characteristic of the product helps the foam to adjust itself as per the temperature requirements of the sleeper. Therefore, just as the temperature goes up, the base becomes softer and doughy, which provide users with a much comfortable overnight sleep.
  • The memory foam has also shown great productivity in relieving all types of muscular pains, body aches and soreness anywhere in the body. This thing becomes possible by selectively distributing the pressure all along the length and width of the human body. The pain or the pressure points in the human body have the average temperature, which is relatively higher than the remaining parts of the body. Therefore, by adjusting it in accordance with the temperature in the specific parts of the body, the memory foam plays a great role in recovering the body fairly quickly.
  • The memory foam is also found to support the side sleeper in getting an ideal kind of a sleeping posture which comes naturally to him. The bedding will help the sleeper in aligning the spinal cord well in accordance with the overall posture of the body. This will not only give you a desirable and comfortable sleep but will also ensure that there isn’t much pressure exerted on your spinal cord. Even if you have the spinal problems, then using such a mattress would control all the spinal issues in a quick time. Back soreness which may be a possibility otherwise can also be prevented using a memory foam mattress.
  • The users who have moved towards a memory foam platform could well and more be at ease if they opt to go with a memory foam pillow. The use of a memory foam pillow will complete your comfort side sleep system. The foam pillow combination will relieve you totally from the sleep apnea issue by providing your head with right elevation. The elevation is ideal which will keep your breathing proper throughout the night and there wouldn’t be anything like snoring. Further, the memory foam pillow also gives firm support to your shoulder and neck and there wouldn’t be any issue of slipping from the pillow while sleeping.

If you are allergic to certain things such as dust mites and other similar things, then using a memory foam system will be such a relief. You will enjoy a good night’s sleep as the making of such mattress is with the polyurethane foam that contains inorganic fibers. The dust mites wouldn’t be able to set in those inorganic fibers and there wouldn’t be any issue related with allergy at all.

The right mattress to offer you the shoulder and the lumbar support

The sleeping trends of the people have hardly changed, but the technology definitely has. The advancement in the mattress technology has really helped a lot of people with several useful features to support all types of demands of the people. The people with side sleeping posture really develop a lot of therapeutic issues if they are not supported well by their mattress.

For all the mattress types, the primary function of any of them is to provide them with best possible comfort and support their body in a way that they don’t develop any kind of pain issue. If you are a side sleeper then there are special side sleeping mattresses available in the market, which will nicely look after your needs. You wouldn’t develop any therapeutic issue and if there is any then using a special side sleeping mattress would alleviate such issues.

Addressing the shoulder pain:

A side sleeper doesn’t necessarily be sleeping only in the side posture. It is normal that the side sleepers do change their positions while by sleeping either on the back or on the stomach. The dominant position however is the side one, but the bedding setup has to be supportive for all the positions. If the mattress is not supportive or adaptive to the variety of needs, then people do develop certain pain related issues where the shoulder pain is the most dominant one. It is also found that the side sleepers develop far more shoulder related pain issues than any of the other type of sleepers.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) there are 4 common reasons for the triggering of shoulder pain which namely are: instability, bone fractures, tendon inflammation and arthritis. If you are suffering from the chronic or the acute shoulder pain and you are a side sleeper too then you need a type of mattress which gives firm support to your body. Apart from this, it must also conform to the different body positions and provide extra cushion to support your shoulders. For this matter, the memory foam and the latex type mattresses are the best as they provide good firmness and relieve the pressure points of the body too.

The Lower Back Pain:

The lower back pain is the other common issue troubling the side sleepers. Sagging mattress is the most common issue that triggers the lower back pain problems as that rests your spine in a very unnatural and uncomfortable position. Sagging means that your mattress is lacking the support needed for your lower back. The innerspring traditional mattresses are the worst one for supporting your lower back or alleviating the pain. Same goes with the waterbed mattresses which are also a poor contender for safe side sleeping and no shoulder pain. The best choice however is the latex mattress which is not only excellent for the side sleepers, but also provides them with excellent lower back support. The air beds, although is not a permanent solution, but it can also be the best mattress for side sleepers.

A logical way to get the best mattress for the side sleepers

The most annoying part in buying a mattress is that most of us are not sure about our original needs. We don’t really understand what the problem is. Further, sometimes our friends and colleagues influence our decision by giving all sorts of wrong ideas. The best practice is to analyze yourself for all your needs and demands in a mattress. If you are a side sleeper then determining that only would solve a lot of problems. This guide will help you to logically reach the conclusion for buying the most suitable mattress for your side sleeping needs.

Answering a few questions:

People should think in all directions when looking for the best comfort related option for them. If you are an out of a box thinker then all the crucial aspects would be analyzed by you. The side sleepers need to answer the following few questions that will take them a step closer to their best mattress for side sleeper:

  • Do you feel pain, fatigue or tiredness of any sort at the time you wake up in the morning?
  • Is your mattress older than 10 years or more?
  • Do you feel any king of sagginess in your mattress?
  • You sleep for good 7 to 8 hours, but still feel the need of sleeping more.

If you are a side sleeper and your answer to any of the above question is a yes, then you need to seriously think about buying a new mattress to address all your needs.

Things to ensure in your ideal side sleeping mattress:

There are a number of things which you need to satisfy before confirming one as your final buy. The following is a list of some of the things which you need to check in a mattress before buying:

  • The spinal position for the side sleepers is very crucial while they sleep. The mattress must be supportive to side sleepers and at the same time, it should give you excellent position for your spine. If not then sooner or later you might develop some back pain issues.
  • The mattress should be good in not transferring a lot of motion while side sleeping. If you move in the sleep, then the mattress should be such that it keeps your partner unaware about your moves.
  • The mattress must come with a clear and useful warranty. If you approach any quality mattress maker, then chances are there that you could get a lifetime warranty on your mattress. Try not to settle on anything that offers a warranty of less than 5 years. Anything lesser on warranty wouldn’t give you the peace of mind on the heavy investment that you are looking to make.
  • Measurements are the critical things related to the mattress which most of the people forgets. You must measure everything in terms of the dimensions of the mattress. If shopping online, then fully confirm that is the mattress would fit your bed or otherwise the experience can be so frustrating.

All of the above mentioned factors are important in determining the best mattress for a side sleeper. You should be careful enough, while making your decision in order to avoid any mistake.

Best Price Mattress Memory Foam 8-inch Review

Best Price Mattress Memory Foam 8-inch Review

The Best Price Mattress is a highly trusted brand with thousands of customers associated with it for long. They provide affordable mattress solutions with top consideration given to all aspects of the foam related with comfort. The memory foam is the best type of mattress for side sleepers. The 8 inch foam from the manufacturer is creating vibes where customers in large numbers are turning up due to the level of comfort they will get using the mattress. The option is exceptionally ideal for the side sleepers who will definitely have a comfortable experience which will be par excellence. The customers must have a deep look at this review to find out all the positives and negatives about this system before they make their final decision.


There are a number of attention grabbing features to look at in this incredible memory foam mattress. It is an 8 inch platform in queen size. It will fit any bed frame with the relevant size with ease. The foam contours to all the natural curves and will give spectacular weight distribution to make it a super comfortable base.

The manufacturer claims that it will give you a comfort such as you are floating on some cloud and many users of this foam have endorsed that. You will have a deeper sleep experience with no issue on your pressure points. There are multiple layers of comfort inculcated in the platform. There is a 2 inch layer of memory foam and 2 inch of the super soft foam that contains the useful pressure points relief system. Then there is another 4 inch layer which provides high density foam to the comfort seekers.

The mattress is certified for quality by CertiPUR-US which makes it a trustworthy option. The manufacturer also offers a handy 10year quality and durability warranty on this bedding system to give you further peace of mind along with the comfort via best type of mattress for side sleepers.


The following is a list of the top most advantages associated with this mattress:

  • It is a multiple layer system where each layer has something special to offer to the users in terms of comfort and the side sleeping postures.
  • The mattress promises to look after all your pressure points such as your shoulder, backbone, hips and the knee joints.
  • You partner in bed will be totally unaware with all the turns you take while sleeping.
  • There is a handy decade long warranty that comes with the platform to further please the user.
  • The product is certified for quality by CertiPUR-US which makes it a reliable option for the users.


The following are the cons to look for:

  • It is a lot firmer than the comfort of most of the side sleepers.
  • There are issues with its quality that are felt after a few months. The return policy is not much user friendly s shipping charges are a lot.


The mattress is a quality one with its multiple layers of comfort. It can evenly distribute the weight and the foam will adapt to the natural curves. The main issue is with its extra firmness which might please some while others are not comfortable about it.

What is the best type of mattress for side sleepers and what isn’t?

Choosing the right mattress can be one heck of a job and you must invest in some quality time to find a quality product for yourself. If you are a side sleeper then your research will be well narrowed down but still there will be a number of challenges that you will still face. There are plenty of manufacturers claiming to have the best products, but all might not give you the type of performance that will support your side sleeping needs. You have to find the best match which is not only affordable, but also cater for all your comfort needs to allow you a peaceful sleep for a number of years to come.

What is the best type of mattress for side sleepers?

There is a lot of information available on the web which can prepare you well for buying the right mattress for your needs. There are different types of mattresses available for side sleepers where all have something different and something special to offer to the users. The different types also have their cons which must be looked for in the first place to rule them clearly out of your probable list.

Cutting the long story short, the memory foam is the unanimous choice available for the side sleepers. There are a few issues associated with them such as they are known to increase your body temperature, which makes them less desirable in summer days and also where the summer weather dominates well over winter. Then there is an issue with some hazardous chemicals which are released from such bedding. The unpleasant odor is another issue which is creating great problems for the users. The potential buyers are advised to buy certified products from reputable clients who have done all the relevant things to keep the negatives at their bare minimum level.

The memory foam offers supreme comfort and is the best type of mattress for the side sleepers. In its classical form, it adapts to the temperature of the body and also contours to the natural shapes of a human to give an optimum and equal weight distribution. The foam also has multiple layers of comfort which are dependent on the specific design of the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers coils base with exceptionally comfortable padding introduced on either side of the platform to give the desirable comfort level. The top reputable manufacturers also offer useful warranty which must be checked as well by the users.

What is not a good mattress for the side sleepers?

It will be very easy to say that anything other than the memory foam mattress would not be suitable for the side sleepers but this isn’t a complete answer. The side sleepers who have issues with their pressure points and have complaints about muscle pain should avoid a few types of mattresses that might sound or feel comfortable but they aren’t actually.

The worst type of mattress that must be avoided by sensitive side sleepers is the water bed which will do no good and will probably add to your fatigue and body stress. Then, there are some other types such as the spring and the air mattresses which are equally worst in such conditions. In simpler words, any type of bedding which contorts the human body or it is too much stiff, then that will result in stiff muscles and joints for the side sleepers. The spring mattress might seem comfortable at first, but actually it is not as good as it should be as the spring doesn’t hold up the human body evenly. It is ideal to take some expert advice where the memory foam will always come up as a unanimous winner.

What is right about a memory foam?

The side sleepers look for a mattress which complements their natural sleeping posture which is sleeping on the side of their body. A mattress with good support for side sleepers is the one which contour right according to the different curves of their body and also evenly distribute the weight of their body. The best mattress for side sleepers available in the market is by far the memory foam which is typically designed to support such body postures. A lot of research done in such systems reveals that they have a lot of disadvantages as well, which are other than the many perks that the user experience. The comfort seekers should evaluate both the disadvantages and the advantages before they come up with their own decision. However, it has been observed that the advantages easily outnumber the disadvantages which make the memory foam ideal for the side sleepers. Still, it is important to discuss the disadvantages and advantages as well, which we will see in the sections to come.

Advantages of memory foam:

There are a number of advantages with the memory foam mattresses which are given below for your kind consideration:

  • The major advantage of the memory foam is its capability to evenly distribute the weight of the body which eventually helps the users to relieve all the pressure points of the human body. This is a capability which no other air, spring or the latex mattress will offer.
  • The memory foam requires body heat, which then allows it to soften the surface and then supports all the natural curves and shape of the human body.
  • The memory foams are known to isolate movements in the bed. If you have a queen or king size mattress which you are sharing with your partner, then the partner sleeping with you will be completely unaware about your movement or turns that you take while sleeping on the bed.
  • The top quality memory foam which comes with the minimum foam density of 5 pounds is known to be very durable and will last for a long time to come with no issue noticed in terms of its deteriorating quality.
  • The side sleepers will have the best benefit associated with this system. Using a pillow of memory foam type will give you a lot more benefits. Your shoulder and neck will be well protected and you will have lesser issues related to falling off the pillow while sleeping. It is a common problem which people issues in many other types of pillow available in the market.

Disadvantages of memory foam:

The following are the rime disadvantages which are few but still worth having a look at:

  • The foams of this type have greater sensitivity to heat and for this reason there are at times when people find themselves sweating a lot when sleeping on such type of mattress.
  • There is another issue reported which is that the memory foams are known to take a considerable amount of time to adjust their body into different other postures.
  • There is a big off gassing where the foam emits some dangerous chemical gas, which can be hazardous to human health. However, this is an issue related to only substandard foams produced by ill-reputed manufacturer. If you shop well for the best product and the best manufacturer who is certified then this problem can be eliminated. Another common issue is that of the unpleasant odor, which is common, but not as dangerous as the gas. It fades away in some time.

So memory foam might be a best mattress for side sleepers but it comes with its own range of pros and cons that you should be considering very well.

How To Care For Your Mattress

The most soothing feeling when walking from your living room is knowing that you are walking right into comfort. What can define comfort better than a good mattress? Well, the good does not just come from the mattress; you need to make it good. Knowing how to care for your mattress is the key to bringing comfort to your bedroom. Try a few tricks and that bed will be beckoning even before nightfall.


Before you lie on it, you will definitely need to set up your sleep set. Proper installation makes your bed have the right feeling. Do not do it if you are not sure about the procedures. Asking the stores personnel for help does not make you a lesser man. Proper installation prevents damages and it will ensure your nights are the best periods of the 24 hours. Ensure the bed frame is secure as well as the box springs because your mattress will definitely last longer if you get the installation bit right.

Regular Flipping

Who likes monotony? Well, I bet if you are reading this you don’t even like hearing the word. Sleeping on a mattress that is positioned the same way you installed it can be very monotonous. Regular flipping and rotating is good for prolonged quality sleep. Because your body is not a geometric shape, it tends to form impressions in your mattress and these are not very healthy. They will go deeper if you sleep at the same points and you will even be rolling into them when you lie.

Flip your mattress the moment you feel or see any impressions forming. It will prolong the life of the mattress and you will also have better slumber.

Always Keep it Clean

If you value your sleep, then cleaning your mattress often is a must. The mattress tends to accumulate dust particles and you should vacuum it as often as you do for your bedroom. Apart from dust, some stains could also get to your sleep set. Don’t be afraid to use a little soapy water if this happens. Rub the mattress to remove the stains then make sure it’s completely dry before replacing the bed sheets and duvets.

Sometimes, you feel odors on your mattress and these can work really well to ward off sleep. It can be quite tricky how to get rid of these. Relax! Here is a simple home-made solution. Just sprinkle some baking soda on the surface then wait for 20 minutes and vacuum.  Odors can also be eliminated simply by letting the mattress have some fresh air. Leave your mattress uncovered and ensure the room is well ventilated for several hours. It will surprise you how fresh that box can smell.

Vacuuming is the best way to clean it. Don’t ever be tempted to dry clean or soak your mattress.

Avoid Jumping

Avoid converting your bedroom into a playground. The temptation to jump on the mattress can be overwhelming especially during those ecstatic moments. It is not a spring box, it is meant for peaceful moments. Jumping on your mattress reduces its life span greatly and makes it quite uncomfortable. Even the kids, light as they might seem can do harm to the mattress if they go jumping on it as if it were a trampoline.

Good Support

For quality sleep, use the best bed frame. Your mattress needs good support especially if it’s one of those big sizes. A good frame should have a strong support in the middle to avoid warping and even breakage.

Edges Can age

The edges of your mattress might look tough but they will also wear out just like the central parts. Most people have that best part on the mattress edge where they sit before waking up in the morning or just when chilled out, working on the laptop. Try not to be sitting at the same spot always. This can be difficult but you realize it comes automatically if you flip and rotate your mattress often.

Covering it Right

The best cover for a mattress is very essential. Find the best quality that can take up the spills and stains before they reach your mattress. Besides quality, look out for your favorite colors. This will make your sleep set worth caring for.

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Which is the Best Mattress?

The assumption when writing this is that you have already determined that you need to get a new mattress. As such, we will not get into the intricacies and the details of how exactly you will know when it is time to get a new mattress.  However, just but to graze the surface, your mattress probably is hurting you and most often than not, you wake up more tired than you went to bed. You probably feel better sleeping in a hotel that in your own bed or maybe you are looking to get a bigger size. Whichever the case, the goal of this article is to aid you in getting the best mattress. Speaking of which, many ask this question; which is the best mattress? The answer to this is not as straight forward as you might have been led to believe. There are several factors that ought to be considered during the purchase of a mattress. It is these factors that make a mattress best for a particular individual and not for the other.

This article will help you to select the best mattress for you and not to make the mistake of paying a penny more that you should for a particular mattress in the market. Before we get into it, you should note that the mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture that you will have in your home, probably more important than even your couch. 8 hours are the recommended sleeping hours every night. Going with this figure, it means that you will spend at the very least, 1/3 of our life lying on a mattress.

Major factors to consider when buying a mattress

While making a purchase for a mattress, there are two major factors that you should put into consideration; support and comfort.

You will want the mattress to provide you with the proper alignment from your head to toe to prevent you from getting a back ache in the morning and absorb the pressure you exert on it rather than it pressing against you. This will help you sleep peacefully without tossing and turning throughout the night. If you get a mattress that provides you with the proper alignment and does not put any pressure on your body, then you know you have found the best mattress for you.

Other minor factors to consider include:

Temperature – you want the temperature of the surface of the mattress to match yours. If the mattress is too cold or too warm; it will interfere with your sleep. This is what professionals in the industry refer to as thermoneutrality.

Motion separation – if you have a partner, you know how unnerving it can get when your partner gets out of bed in the middle of the night and wake you regardless of how quiet he/she tries to be. The mattress you buy should be able to separate the motion to enable you to sleep like a baby even with these movements.

Edge support – if you are the type to roll over to the edge of the bed, you will not want to feel as though you are about to fall off a cliff.

So now that you have the basics, let us look at them in a little bit more detail.

How do you test for support?

This is undoubtedly the most important factor. You will need a mattress that will push up against your body to counter your body’s weight. This means that you will need a firm, stone hard mattress right? Well, wrong.

Bear in mind that your body is not a straight line regardless of whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach. You have curves and the mattress should be able to support these curves, the same way a shoe supports the arch under the foot. This is the only way the mattress will ensure proper alignment of the spine.

The same thing will happen if you are lying on an extremely soft surface like in a hammock. What you want is for the mattress to contour your body and hold it in a state of neutral alignment.

How to test for comfort

You may also hear some referring to it as pressure relief. If a mattress is too firm and hard, it just might cause pressure to your body parts. This bars the circulation and presses down on the nerves. The result is some pin and needle like feeling in your body causing you discomfort and to shift numerous times.

Constantly shifting when asleep cuts off your sleep and its different stages. The result is you waking up feeling extremely tired and thinking you got 8 hours of sleep, just because you went to bed 8 hours ago.

While choosing a mattress, if you can lie on  it for several minutes without feeling the need to shift, then you indeed have yourself a good mattress.

With the above points, you surely should be able to take home the best mattress for you one that suits your sleeping positions and needs perfectly.

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How to Extend the Life of Your Side Sleeper Mattress

The best side sleeper mattress is not the cheapest investment that you will make. Which is why you should ensure that you not only keep it long enough to get value for your money. To achieve this, you have to ensure that you take proper care of it as this is the only way that you can be able to extend its life. Luckily, you do not have to make any extra expenses. With a little information, you can be able to get more out of side sleeper mattress and at the same time get the best service.

Make sure the setup is correct.

One of the biggest mistakes that buyers of the best side sleeper mattresses make is failing to read the manufacturer’s warranty on how to set it up. You have to ensure that the mattress is opened and installed the right way. Proper setup can allow the mattress to last longer. The most important part of this is ensuring that the transportation is done correctly.

Use mattress pads.

Washing a mattress is an energy and time consuming task. It also reduces the life of the best side sleeper mattress drastically. To avoid all these hustles and still offer the best surviving chance for the mattress is to buy a good mattress protector. A good idea in this case would be to buy one that is washable so that you can easily wash it whenever you want. This way, not only do you have a clean mattress to sleep on but also one that is going to last longer and offer you better service.

Proper framing.

For the mattress to offer you the best comfort and support, it also needs to have the proper support. The best way to achieve this is to ensure that the frame of the bed is the right fit for the mattress. You also have to ensure that the frame has a center support. This not only ensures that the mattress is well placed, it also helps it to wear out evenly and hence you are able to get more service out of it. The proper foundation for your mattress means longer service and better support for you as well.

Rotate and flip the mattress often.

If you sleep on the same spot all the time, chances are that your best side sleeper mattress will develop a crater at that point. Flipping and rotating it evenly ensures that the mattress wears out evenly and that you get better service out of it for longer. It is a great way of keeping the mattress from developing sleeping wallows.

Keep pets out of the bedroom.

If you would like to get more out of your mattress, then it has to be a comfortable place. Not the place that activates your allergies and a haven for dust mites. Allowing the pets to come to your bedroom and especially on the bed has these kinds of results. The pet hairs are allergens for a great deal of people and they also promote the flourishing of dust mites. Therefore, it is a great idea for you to have boundaries and ensure that your pet does not shorten the relationship between you and the best side sleeper mattress.

By lengthening the life of your mattress, you are able to not only save yourself some money but do this while ensuring that you do not compromise the well-being of your body or rest.

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Mattress Topper

Buying the proper topper for your mattress should be your mission once you have gotten the ideal mattress that is ideal for your needs and more so your sleeping position. There are a number of reasons as to why getting the best mattress topper should be top of your priority list. For instance, not only does it offer an extra layer of protection for your mattress but it also offers additional support to improve your sleeping quality. Seeing the importance that this can have for you, it is imperative to make sure that you make the ideal purchase and this guide is all you need to do that.


There is a variety of materials that can be used to make the mattress toppers. Commonly, latex, cotton and wool are used but this can vary depending on the user. The cotton pads are usually thinner and more quilted but are washable by machine while the latex and wools are mold resistant which makes them more durable compared to cotton. If you are looking for something that is going to stand the test of time, then latex would be your best bet.

To have or not to have memory foam.

Well, this is a choice that is entirely up to you but it is a wise choice to have the best mattress topper that has memory foam. It folds around your body once you sleep and because of this they are able to provide better comfort and support for your body allowing for better sleep. However, this absorbs a lot of heat and as a result, it can get too hot. However, because of its thickness, sometimes it can be a good alternative to buying a new mattress as you recollect your finances.

Consider the additional features.

If your mattress is not hypoallergenic and you could not afford one, worry not. You can always invest in the best mattress topper that has the same properties. After all, it is going to be much cheaper. There are also other features that you can consider that include odor eliminating properties. These offer a great and protective layer that is between you and your mattress. This allows you to have a fresher scent for longer and better sleep.

Ease of cleaning.

The best mattress toppers are notorious for crumping up and becoming quite small especially when you throw them into a washing machine. Because of this, cleaning them can be quite a concern because you do not want something that is too challenging when it comes to cleaning. While there are a variety of methods that you can use to clean up the mattress topper it is always a good idea if it is simpler.


Finally, comes the price. It is not a good idea for your buy to be completely determined by price but at the same time you do not want to be exploited. This is why in most cases unless you are working with a tight budget, the price will always be considered last.

After cross checking the mattress topper that you are buying with this checklist, you can rest assured that you will be making the best possible choice with no worries whatsoever.

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