Best Price Mattress Memory Foam 8-inch Review

Best Price Mattress Memory Foam 8-inch Review

The Best Price Mattress is a highly trusted brand with thousands of customers associated with it for long. They provide affordable mattress solutions with top consideration given to all aspects of the foam related with comfort. The memory foam is the best type of mattress for side sleepers. The 8 inch foam from the manufacturer is creating vibes where customers in large numbers are turning up due to the level of comfort they will get using the mattress. The option is exceptionally ideal for the side sleepers who will definitely have a comfortable experience which will be par excellence. The customers must have a deep look at this review to find out all the positives and negatives about this system before they make their final decision.


There are a number of attention grabbing features to look at in this incredible memory foam mattress. It is an 8 inch platform in queen size. It will fit any bed frame with the relevant size with ease. The foam contours to all the natural curves and will give spectacular weight distribution to make it a super comfortable base.

The manufacturer claims that it will give you a comfort such as you are floating on some cloud and many users of this foam have endorsed that. You will have a deeper sleep experience with no issue on your pressure points. There are multiple layers of comfort inculcated in the platform. There is a 2 inch layer of memory foam and 2 inch of the super soft foam that contains the useful pressure points relief system. Then there is another 4 inch layer which provides high density foam to the comfort seekers.

The mattress is certified for quality by CertiPUR-US which makes it a trustworthy option. The manufacturer also offers a handy 10year quality and durability warranty on this bedding system to give you further peace of mind along with the comfort via best type of mattress for side sleepers.


The following is a list of the top most advantages associated with this mattress:

  • It is a multiple layer system where each layer has something special to offer to the users in terms of comfort and the side sleeping postures.
  • The mattress promises to look after all your pressure points such as your shoulder, backbone, hips and the knee joints.
  • You partner in bed will be totally unaware with all the turns you take while sleeping.
  • There is a handy decade long warranty that comes with the platform to further please the user.
  • The product is certified for quality by CertiPUR-US which makes it a reliable option for the users.


The following are the cons to look for:

  • It is a lot firmer than the comfort of most of the side sleepers.
  • There are issues with its quality that are felt after a few months. The return policy is not much user friendly s shipping charges are a lot.


The mattress is a quality one with its multiple layers of comfort. It can evenly distribute the weight and the foam will adapt to the natural curves. The main issue is with its extra firmness which might please some while others are not comfortable about it.