How to buy a mattress

Mattress shopping can be a very tedious affair if you don’t know what to look for. You can spend hours upon hours in the showroom without getting anywhere. Below is a guide to help you shop for the mattress of your dreams.

  1. The support

The core of the mattress is important as it is the basis for support. The core can be composed of innerspring, latex, foam and air.

  • The bed with a bounce

If you are looking for a bed that has a bouncy feel to it, then innerspring will be the best fit for you.  The distinction between the models of this type of mattresses are made based on the thickness and firmness of the springs. 12 is the thickest and firmest whilst 18 is the thinnest and most compressed. If you are hefty, then the 12 will be a good fit for you.

Innerspring mattresses have a fiberfill or a foam outer layer. At first, when you sleep on this mattress, the puffiness might seem alluring but give a few months and it disappears. Therefore, you should buy a firmer mattress.

  • A firm base

In this particular mattress, there is no spring whatsoever. This is because the mattress has a polyurethane core. If you are interested in this particular mattress, then you should ask the store the full specs and know how dense the foam is and its thickness.

  • Latex for buoyancy

In terms of firmness, the latex mattresses are similar. The only difference is that the mattress has more spring back. The beauty about having a latex mattress is that you don’t have to worry about dust or mites ever again. Latex mattresses come in either synthetic or natural. In terms of longevity, these types of mattresses can go even for two decades or more.

  • Customized mattresses?

Air filled mattresses are all the rage nowadays because people can adjust the comfort level they desire. The remote control function on the mattresses allow you change the firmness by regulating how much air is in the mattress.

  1. The lifestyle is a factor

The type mattress is just a microcosm of what you need to consider when buying a mattress, you have to also consider the sleeping style, the clamor for space between you and your bed fellow and body type. Below are considerations you have to make and the corresponding mattress choices you should consider.

  • Sleeping on your side

Most people toss and turn in a bid to relieve pressure. This in essence means that they must have a large space in which turn in order to alleviate this pressure. To this end, a good memory foam mattress that has a fluffy top will suffice. Don’t buy the firm mattress though as it doesn’t offer a way of dissipating the pressure.

  • Sleeping your stomach

If you are this type of sleeper, then you need a firm mattress as opposed to the plush and comfortable one. When you sleep on your stomach on a plush mattress it would feel more like you are being swallowed alive. The flat and firm surface of a latex mattress would provide you with the right support. Also an air filled mattress or a dense innerspring would do wonders for you as well.

  • Back sleeper

If you sleep on your back, then support is critical. You want your back to have that natural curve. Comfort in this scenario is relative and you have to find what mattress feels right for you by testing the mattresses out.

  • A partner who tosses and turns

An air filled mattress with a dual chamber will take care of you. Everyone gets to stay in their space.

  • A hot sleeper

If you have a tendency to dissipate a lot of body heat when you sleep, the last thing you want is to sleep on a mattress that retains heat. This means that latex mattress are out. Instead, you should sleep on fiberfill-topped innerspring mattress. You can have a removable feather filled topper for more comfort as well.

  • If you have allergies

You have to have an allergen resistant cover on your mattress to stave off allergies from all allergens.

  • If you are undecided

If you are undecided on the type of mattress you want, then you can choose one that combines the qualities of that you are looking for. For instance, you crave firmness but are allergic to latex, then you can opt for fiber filled memory foam mattress. You can opt for a mattress anti allergen mattress topper, however, you are bound to come into contact with the mattress. Hybrid mattress, in essence, kill two birds with one stone in the way they are made. However, you will have to fork out some oodles of cash because such models are usually sold as luxury ones. It is worth the money if it addresses the problems that you encountered while using your old model.

  1. Of warranties, guarantees and returns

Most people view a long warranty as a really good thing. However, they quickly come to find out that it is not the case as far as the company is concerned. To them it is more of piece of paper than anything. Don’t think that because they have given you a long one that they will follow through on it when you make a claim.

Be wary of the warranty. They usually last for a year and that is the time it takes for you to notice something wrong with that mattress. The fine print in the warranty is mired in a lot of detail that in essence means that you are responsible for whatever happens to the mattress. If the mattress gets damaged, you are on your own. What they want to you to do is keep going back to them after sometime because that’s how they keep their business. When you are shopping for a mattress, choose a mattress that will last you for a decade at least.

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