The right mattress to offer you the shoulder and the lumbar support

The sleeping trends of the people have hardly changed, but the technology definitely has. The advancement in the mattress technology has really helped a lot of people with several useful features to support all types of demands of the people. The people with side sleeping posture really develop a lot of therapeutic issues if they are not supported well by their mattress.

For all the mattress types, the primary function of any of them is to provide them with best possible comfort and support their body in a way that they don’t develop any kind of pain issue. If you are a side sleeper then there are special side sleeping mattresses available in the market, which will nicely look after your needs. You wouldn’t develop any therapeutic issue and if there is any then using a special side sleeping mattress would alleviate such issues.

Addressing the shoulder pain:

A side sleeper doesn’t necessarily be sleeping only in the side posture. It is normal that the side sleepers do change their positions while by sleeping either on the back or on the stomach. The dominant position however is the side one, but the bedding setup has to be supportive for all the positions. If the mattress is not supportive or adaptive to the variety of needs, then people do develop certain pain related issues where the shoulder pain is the most dominant one. It is also found that the side sleepers develop far more shoulder related pain issues than any of the other type of sleepers.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) there are 4 common reasons for the triggering of shoulder pain which namely are: instability, bone fractures, tendon inflammation and arthritis. If you are suffering from the chronic or the acute shoulder pain and you are a side sleeper too then you need a type of mattress which gives firm support to your body. Apart from this, it must also conform to the different body positions and provide extra cushion to support your shoulders. For this matter, the memory foam and the latex type mattresses are the best as they provide good firmness and relieve the pressure points of the body too.

The Lower Back Pain:

The lower back pain is the other common issue troubling the side sleepers. Sagging mattress is the most common issue that triggers the lower back pain problems as that rests your spine in a very unnatural and uncomfortable position. Sagging means that your mattress is lacking the support needed for your lower back. The innerspring traditional mattresses are the worst one for supporting your lower back or alleviating the pain. Same goes with the waterbed mattresses which are also a poor contender for safe side sleeping and no shoulder pain. The best choice however is the latex mattress which is not only excellent for the side sleepers, but also provides them with excellent lower back support. The air beds, although is not a permanent solution, but it can also be the best mattress for side sleepers.

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