What is the best type of mattress for side sleepers and what isn’t?

Choosing the right mattress can be one heck of a job and you must invest in some quality time to find a quality product for yourself. If you are a side sleeper then your research will be well narrowed down but still there will be a number of challenges that you will still face. There are plenty of manufacturers claiming to have the best products, but all might not give you the type of performance that will support your side sleeping needs. You have to find the best match which is not only affordable, but also cater for all your comfort needs to allow you a peaceful sleep for a number of years to come.

What is the best type of mattress for side sleepers?

There is a lot of information available on the web which can prepare you well for buying the right mattress for your needs. There are different types of mattresses available for side sleepers where all have something different and something special to offer to the users. The different types also have their cons which must be looked for in the first place to rule them clearly out of your probable list.

Cutting the long story short, the memory foam is the unanimous choice available for the side sleepers. There are a few issues associated with them such as they are known to increase your body temperature, which makes them less desirable in summer days and also where the summer weather dominates well over winter. Then there is an issue with some hazardous chemicals which are released from such bedding. The unpleasant odor is another issue which is creating great problems for the users. The potential buyers are advised to buy certified products from reputable clients who have done all the relevant things to keep the negatives at their bare minimum level.

The memory foam offers supreme comfort and is the best type of mattress for the side sleepers. In its classical form, it adapts to the temperature of the body and also contours to the natural shapes of a human to give an optimum and equal weight distribution. The foam also has multiple layers of comfort which are dependent on the specific design of the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers coils base with exceptionally comfortable padding introduced on either side of the platform to give the desirable comfort level. The top reputable manufacturers also offer useful warranty which must be checked as well by the users.

What is not a good mattress for the side sleepers?

It will be very easy to say that anything other than the memory foam mattress would not be suitable for the side sleepers but this isn’t a complete answer. The side sleepers who have issues with their pressure points and have complaints about muscle pain should avoid a few types of mattresses that might sound or feel comfortable but they aren’t actually.

The worst type of mattress that must be avoided by sensitive side sleepers is the water bed which will do no good and will probably add to your fatigue and body stress. Then, there are some other types such as the spring and the air mattresses which are equally worst in such conditions. In simpler words, any type of bedding which contorts the human body or it is too much stiff, then that will result in stiff muscles and joints for the side sleepers. The spring mattress might seem comfortable at first, but actually it is not as good as it should be as the spring doesn’t hold up the human body evenly. It is ideal to take some expert advice where the memory foam will always come up as a unanimous winner.

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